4 Areas to Clean up for the New Year

#1 Car: Your car symbolizes where you are going in life. Are you moving forward and navigating from one stage to another? Clean out any clutter in your car to invite clarity and overcome stagnation. You are in the driver’s seat; make it a good ride.

#2 Bedroom: Pick and choose what you allow in this room. This should be a sacred space of rejuvenation and intimacy. Clothes strewn about, a television in the room, and dust or clutter can all detract significantly from the atmosphere. Warm colors, soy candles, clean sheets and an organized closet can transform a bedroom. It will feel different, better. This is the one place you can truly count on being alone or with your partner. Don’t give it less attention than you’d give any other room. In fact, give it more.

#3 Bathroom: A bathroom should be clean with hints of vitality: plants, a splash of color, simplicity. Reconsider those fuzzy toilet covers that are one more thing to launder, as well as any overflow of toiletries. Get rid of unnecessary makeup items; decide what looks best on you and toss the rest. It’s a relief to simplify the options. For example, Clinique Black Honey lipstick looks good on everyone, and if you want a cheaper option, the Revlon equivalent is Fig Jam. Maybe there is one color of eye shadow that looks best on you-why hold on to the others?20141228_140338(0)

#4 Mind: This is perhaps the most difficult space to declutter. Most people are absolutely addicted to thinking. We are constantly telling ourselves stories, critiquing, thinking of the past or the future. But we all can recall moments when we are truly present, in our bodies, and free from the mind chatter. This is pure magic, the elixir of life. Maybe we recognize this state of pure consciousness while meditating, practicing yoga, dancing, running, delving into a mindful hobby, or writing. For some, classical music does the trick. Find whatever it is that tames your monkey mind and do it often!