Happy 50th Birthday, Sister!

In honor of my sister Lauren’s milestone birthday    happy-birthday-1305615-s

Just eighteen months older than me, I am right behind you.

As a little kid, you often finished my sentences, which worked out well because you liked to talk while I preferred to listen.

You were older and stronger, and I may have endured moments of sibling torment, but woe was another who dared cross me. They would have to answer to my big sister; you always had my back.

the-earth-1-1049879-sWhen our baby sister was born, you wanted to be one of the caretakers because that’s how you are. Even if you had taken on the world, you were ready for more.

As a teen, you played the game of school and parental rules so well it was almost maddening. The one and only time I remember you coming home intoxicated, I put you to bed before you were caught, thus preserving your goody-two-shoes reputation.

But you reciprocated, that night you woke me up to warn me that my disgruntled boyfriend, the one I wasn’t supposed to date, was outside our bedroom window, serenading me with ear splitting music.

The next day, when we learned he had been arrested for disturbing the peace, we exchanged a knowing glance; but you never told.

And the one time we got into trouble together, I had the luxury of taking less of the blame. You were older after all, the ring leader. I would’ve gone anywhere, done anything, with you in the lead. The punishment was lighter in your shadow.

When you infuriated me, I had to be creative with my revenge-like the time I put the toenail in your Twinkie (it was your toenail after all). I heard you screaming and spitting and was silently satisfied. When I confessed years later, you laughed and thanked me for your repulsion of Twinkies. What are sisters for?

In college you met the perfect man for you, on Halloween night of your freshman year. You dressed as Mini Mouse and he as a baby; you’ve long since dropped the disguises and enjoy true love.

With your flair for decorating, you transformed your home into something stunning, a talent you barely recognize. Together you created a beautiful family; you love them fiercely and they know it.

As a kick-ass teacher, you’ve been able to touch the lives of so many students, year after year, and still care for your own kids as if you had all the time in the world. Plus stay in shape. Sometimes I think you do more in one day than I do in a week.

Some may say we are opposites. I am blue eyed and yours are brown. You are spin class and I am yoga. You are Coach and I am Hemptress. You are the rollercoaster and I am the teacups. But deep down I know we are the same.

So today you turn fifty.  It’s a milestone, but also just a number, an age, another label. If you stripped that away, along with everything else that you have and all that you do, you would be left with just your essence; love, beauty and ageless perfection.

Childhood, marriage, motherhood and middle age; this journey is full and life moves forward. I’m right behind you Sis, and I’ve got your back.