Highly Sensitive Material

I have discovered that one of the payoffs of simplifying is knowing when it is time to make a change. My writing has taken me down some unexpected, challenging, and invigorating paths, and I would love to take my readers with me for this next one!

Several months ago, my oldest daughter and I had an idea for a blog that we hope will eventually grow into a book. I decided to test drive the idea by sending an essay on a related topic to the Huffington Post. They published and promoted my essay, and also posted it on their UK site,  and then an editor from another blog asked if she could publish it as well. The essay, Highly Sensitive, seemed to take on a life of its own, with more shares and comments than I ever anticipated.

This confirmed for us that our topic is relevant to enough interested readers, and so we have gone forth with our blog idea and titled it Highly Sensitive Material. 

My plan is to redirect this blog to the new onemaking it simple for Musing Simplicity followers to follow Highly Sensitive Material.  You will find the writing styles and themes of some of the posts similar, and always written from the heart. If the new blog is not for you, of course you always have the option of unsubscribing!

If you aren’t a follower but would like to check out the new blog, here is the direct link:  Highly Sensitive Material

Posts will be frequent, most likely on Tuesdays and Fridays. Some of the posts will appear in the Huffington Post blog as well, and occasionally on social media, but you can have them delivered right to your inbox by following.

I will see you over there!

With Love,