Life in fast forward

stock-photo-30594346-hands-of-driver-on-the-steering-wheelThat’s what it feels like right now.  It feels to me like life is in fast forward and I cannot put on the breaks.

This  makes me thankful that I have simplified enough to be able give my full attention to all that is in front of me.

I am thankful, but not like  Oh thank God for sweeping though my life and taking away all that does not matter but more like good thing I have narrowed my priorities way down because it is all I have room for in this lifetime.  Maybe it’s my way of beating God at her own game. I will focus only on what matters most to me so You don’t have to take anything away. See, I’ve already simplified! 

Wow, time is precious.  Of course we don’t realize it until so much has passed, but once we get it, there’s no going back to the days of blissfully and ignorantly thinking there’s an endless supply.

I had a phone meeting with a literary agent a couple weeks ago. I thought she might help me narrow down my writing duties. I had read that agents want writers who have more than one book idea, so I took the opportunity to start developing my second and even third ideas.

I’ve also been writing articles and speaking and networking(I actually dislike that word, networking, for some reason. Really, I’ve just met some good people and we have some common goals, that’s all) and building platform and editing my first book . I was sort of hoping she would tell me to back off of some of this. It’s a lot. 

I was thinking that maybe I could be more like Emily Dickinson, except with a Keurig, writing away up in my bedroom.  And that’s all I’d do. Just write up there in my pajamas until I die.

But she said keep doing all of it. And she helped me to clarify my brand, the common thread that is woven through all of my writing. I also got ideas of how I want to tweak my first book proposal and which direction to take the second.

All of it. Keep doing all of it, she said.

Do all the things. 

The second book is a blog-to-book project that I am coauthoring with my oldest daughter which I am very excited about. The blog isn’t live yet. We are stockpiling the posts for a while longer, before we launch it. We want to have several months worth done, because the writing may come to full stop for a bit in about four months.

May come to a stop? Who am I kidding. It will stop.

Did I mention she is having twins this summer?

Two, people. Two babies. At once.

Also, my youngest daughter is graduating from college next month.

My own babies are grown up now, all three of them. And I gotta say, they wear it well, this grown up human thing.

I sometimes think that it is our job as humans to do our best to be present for all of the moments, good and bad; To feel the waves of joy and passion, grief and fear, and let them pass through us.

And maybe that is the one thing that slows time down.  Just being there fully, in whatever we are doing. I know it sounds cliche now. Be present. Yeah, yeah. But it’s the best we’ve got.
I will hold all the babies and love all the people.   I will write and write.

I will do all the things.

Because all the things mostly just means all that I love.

I love what is left when all that is unimportant is gone.

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