One simple thing

20150610_081629I bought this basket at Target yesterday to solve the Clirty Clothes Dilemma once and for all. Clirty Clothes is a term my sister coined (I think) for the clothes that aren’t really dirty, but aren’t quite clean, either. They’re in between- they’re clirty.

Clean + Dirty = Clirty

They are the items we wore for  just a few hours and while we don’t want to put them back in our closets or drawers, they aren’t exactly ready for the hamper either.  They end up being hung over a chair for days, or thrown in a laundry basket only to be accidentally mixed in with truly dirty- or truly clean- clothes.

These clirty clothes can pile up after a while, cluttering up our rooms. They are the yoga top we didn’t break a sweat in, the pants we wore to that event for three hours, the white top we managed not to spill anything on that is still, therefore, white. They are the pieces of clothing not quite worthy of being hung back up in the closet, the ones begging to be worn just once more, for a little while.

Clirty Clothes are the pajamas we can wear again before tossing into the hamper, and the socks we wore for a short walk that we took off right afterwards in order to get back into flip-flops.

I decided that Clirty Clothes needed their own space. I was tired of them being the orphans, the not quite belonging anywhere items. For $12 they have a new home, a woven basket that looks pretty in the bedroom- much prettier than clothes strewn about. Clirty Clothes Dilemma solved.   Simple as that.

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