Closet Clarity

I love clothes, but I don’t like the idea of hoarding them.  I only want what I wear and I want to like everything that I own. This past spring, I’d weeded out  any clothes that I no longer wear, but my closet just wasn’t quite organized. I had hangers made of wood, wire and plastic in every color. This, along with some randomness of where each type of clothing was hung, contributed to a visual disorder which can be a subtle yet real energy drain.

So I spent the better half of one day really going through the entire closet. I put my scarves and hats and gloves in hanging shoe holders, and then gathered hangers of the same type and color for different categories of clothing. Dresses on black hangers, shirts on white, and so forth. I hung things in order- pants, then sleeveless tops together, followed by short sleeves, long sleeves, then sweaters. 20141030_102612  20141110_160859

Once the job was complete, I knew every piece of clothing that was in the closet. I didn’t just have a bunch of clothing; rather, I was mindful of what I had and I knew that it was enough.  I had seen, held and hung every thing I could possibly wear, and it made me want to make use of it all, rather than accumulate any more.

When I enter my closet now, I know exactly where to go to find what I want.  A few hours may sound like a long time to spend on a closet, but as far as I’m concerned, I have saved myself future shopping trips to buy clothes I now know I don’t need, as well as given myself a new appreciation for the ones I already have. All of them favorites, neat and orderly, and mine for the taking.

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