Where can all that stuff go?

For anyone who is doing more than just your average spring cleaning, and needs places to put all the stuff they may be clearing out of their homes, I have shared a few links below to help the process.   In addition to yard sales, and Craigslist, you may be looking to donate some of your things. Goodwill and  Big Brother organizations are just two of many good options. Unwanted stuff needn’t go in a landfill. There are plenty of people and organizations that may be able to put it to good use. Knowing that makes it easier for some people to let their clutter go. Just be careful not to let the donation period drag on for years!







1 thought on “Where can all that stuff go?

  1. Thank you for promoting this responsible way of decluttering. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I have found the option of taking things to the local thrift shop a huge help in decluttering. I hate sending things to the land-fill. The thrift shop is a win/win/win solution – I get rid of what I don’t need or want; the thrift shop sells it and the money goes to a worthy cause (in my case, the local hospital); someone with limited means can buy something they need or want and could otherwise not afford.

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