Four Secrets to my Writing Process

A belated thanks for the tag, from a prolific and talented fiction writer,  Lee French  Here are my answers to the Four Secrets to my Writing Process:

Q1: What are you working on? 

I always have at least one essay or article going, sometimes for a literary magazine or as a guest blog post, and of course there’s this blog.  But my biggest project is  my book, a memoir.

Q2:  How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I have my own story and voice, but also my memoir is partly stunt journalism. I revisit the past while writing about the present journey, day to day.  I touch upon a universal desire to be better and happier today than we were yesterday.  This ‘coming out on top’ is not easy, but it is much simpler than we often make it. I think my book sheds light on this in a way that is useful, honest and entertaining.


Q3:  Why do you write what you write?

I’ve been a truth seeker and a story teller for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child, on some level I knew that I would write this story. It is honest even when that is unflattering. I have a lot of emotional courage; I am not afraid to peel off the layers and poke around. This whole blog on simplifying is really about peeling back the layers to get to an authentic life. But sometimes it’s difficult to get there. The layers can be like band-aids for those who have been through harrowing events.  I have a lot of faith that the pure intentions of my book, along with a lot of hard work and revisions, will see me through to its publication.


Q4: How does your writing process work?

Typically, I wrestle myself to the page each day. I stare at where I left off until my fingers start moving. I used to edit what I wrote each day, but I’ve learned that I really just need to get it down and the revising will be a whole other step in the process. A huge step. Recently, I felt that something really needed changing. I wanted to give the present more space in the book, but wasn’t sure how. So I opened my mind to what that change would be. By opening my mind, I mean I walked, journaled, meditated and cleaned out my closet. I was in limbo for weeks, and then one morning it struck me. I knew what to do. It’s going to take a lot of extra time to make the changes, but it feels right.








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