The Sweet Space of Less

I detest clutter. It feels bad to me, almost suffocating, whereas being a minimalist feels like freedom and clarity. But it takes conscious effort to maintain clarity of space and mind, and it’s a quest I feel is worthy of writing about.  I especially notice how simplifying my environment improves my writing, as if the space in my home invites the muse to come in and move my pen across the page with ease.  My mind is open to inspiration, words sweeping through me, uninhibited by too many objects.  Tangible or intangible, it’s all the same to me.  Space clutter and mind clutter.  One leads to the other and they become one fog that  traps precious energy, stalling progress, making forward motion feel like walking through quicksand.

I get strangely excited for anyone who tells me they’re cleaning out their garage or a closet. I know what it will do to their mind, how the clearing out will invite the flow of something good, something nourishing that finds the opening and begins to trickle in. Something they haven’t yet tasted. Call it an obsession or a passion, but I’m harnessing it and letting it manifest into this blog, from me to you. I hope it will inspire you to take  a step or two towards simplifying your own life if you feel inclined to, or encourage you to maintain the simplicity that you already enjoy.

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